Out of The Box Camping is Now Camp Life Crate

In December 2019, Out of the Box Camping was sold. As part of the sale, we decided that a rebrand was in order. The reason? We wanted a memorable name that our subscribers could easily share. With that said, Out of the Box Camping is now Camp Life Crate. We will have two logos, one you’ll see on the website, print materials, social media graphics and the other you’ll see on the box and occasionally on the graphics on this site. Here’s the new small logo.

We wanted the logos to represent all of our subscribers as well as all of the reasons we love camping, so each logo includes subtle graphics like stars, birds, campfires, mountains and trees.

As far as new ownership goes, we’ve written a little about ourselves on our about page. We hope to write more about our travels on this blog. The tips we’ve discovered during our travels and while full-timing – and so much more.

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